The "Radio From Hell" morning show on KXRK ("X-96") will reach a milestone this month — its 5,000th show.

And KXRK's Bill Allred, Kerry Jackson and Gina Barberi will celebrate Aug. 11-15.

According to G. Craig Hanson, president of station owner Simmons Media, the three will host some great guests, and there will be a few surprises as well.

"We think these guys have worked hard," Hanson said of the trio's success. "They're a dominant morning show."

Not only is the show popular in Utah, but nationally, it is one of the top 10 morning shows on an alternative-rock station.

The "Radio From Hell" show began in October 1993. Kerry and Bill actually began working together in the 1980s at Ogden's KJQN; Gina came aboard May 20, 1996.

In addition to its 5,000th show, there is yet another milestone coming — the show will hit its 15th birthday in October. That makes it the longest-running show in the Salt Lake radio market.

Looking back, the show has raised the bar for morning programming in the Salt Lake area. Perhaps no other trio could pull off a talk-centered program. Others would have to play music. However, these three hosts work amazingly well together, and their candid conversations keep many listeners tuned in.

The three also have one of the longest-running steady features in radio — "Boner of the Day" and "Boner of the Week."

Kerry, Bill and Gina will talk just about anything — even competing radio shows, something other DJs would never do.

One of my favorite features was "Space Elders," a series that aired some 10 years ago. It was a creative work that both entertained and hit home to Salt Lake-area listeners.

Their live studio audience each Friday is also a feature other shows have never attempted.

These days, all three have their own blogs as well as podcasts of their show.

And they have weekly features with Deseret News staffers Jeff Vice (movies) and Amy Donaldson (sports) and City Weekly's Bill Frost (TV).

If "Radio From Hell" lasts until the end of April 2009, it can surpass what I think may be the Salt Lake radio market's modern longevity record for a morning show — surpassing the 15 1/2-year run of "Fisher, Todd and Erin" on KISN (1986-2001).

RADIO HAPPENINGS — KBZN radio ("The Breeze," 97.9) has made some changes to its on-air staff. The current lineup is: mornings — Dan Jessop and news by Rick Lindsay, mid-days — Tricia, afternoons — Rob Riesen, evenings — Michael Kane, weekends — Evan Lake and Mike Van Dorn.

KSL radio-TV have become more Spanish friendly. On their combined Web site,, click on the Spanish link on the lower right-hand side under "KSL Affiliate Center" and you'll find all-Spanish news/advertising.

KZNS radio ("The Zone") has dropped its "Jake and Jim" local afternoon sports show in favor of replaying more Jim Rome.

KZHT radio has a "Gas, Cars and Stars Giveaway" under way. Listeners can win $100 worth of gas, flyaway trips or a Mazda 3 car.

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