OREM — The Bridal Veil Falls fire should be 100 percent contained by the end of the day, U.S. Forest Service officials said Wednesday.

Although total containment is expected by Wednesday evening, U.S. Forest Service spokeswoman Kim Osborn said crews will continue to work on the blaze until at least Sunday.

"One hundred percent containment means that the fire is not going to spread and it's contained in that one area," she said. "But, it doesn't mean that there's not still stuff up there burning in that containment area. So, we're still going to have people working on it with the helicopters."

She said a new crew from the Idaho Falls Bureau of Land Management will take over operations on the blaze early Thursday morning. The current crews have been up on top of the mountain to fight the fire since last Sunday. Using GPS, the Forest Service determined the total acreage of the blaze reached 240 acres.

The stretch of Provo River from Nunn's Park to Vivian Park will be closed by the Forest Service until Sunday. And Osborn said helicopters will continue to dip water out of the waterway through the weekend. After that, Utah County officials may keep the waterway closed to clean up some debris from the restaurant, including cables that snapped during the fire, she said.

Both Nunn's and Vivian Parks will remain open over the weekend, Osborn said, but people expecting to go tubing, fishing or hiking along the river should be aware of restrictions on that section. She said earlier in the week, a number of tubers made their way past Forest Service officials charged with keeping the area clear for the helicopters dipping out of the river.

While traffic through Provo Canyon on Highway 189 is not restricted, she said people wanting to observe the helicopters or firefighting efforts should use parking areas to the side of the road.

"We just worry about people when they actually stop on the highway," Osborn said. "I think the speed limit through here is 60, and we don't want any accidents."

Utah County Fire Marshall Dennis Barker said his office has turned the investigation into the fire's source over to the Utah County Sheriff's Department.

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