How lucky Needra Johnson is that her world is so perfect (Readers' Forum, July 27). My world isn't so rose-colored. For many years I took birth control not because I was sexually active and wanted to prevent pregnancy, but because I have a disease which, at the time, required the use of birth control to keep it in check.

Planned Parenthood became a godsend to me because it offers birth control free of charge or at extremely discounted prices, and as an uninsured college student, I need all the savings I can get. While waiting to pick up my medication at Planned Parenthood clinics I was surrounded by women of all ages and backgrounds.

Besides doing abortions, Planned Parenthood provides gynecological and obstetric care to women for free or at greatly reduced prices. Many women and children throughout this country owe their health to "the worst thing ever allowed in America."

Planned Parenthood has a place in society. And I, for one, would like to give the doctors, nurses and staff who work for that organization a hearty thank you.

Jocelyn Pearson

West Jordan