I wish to express my apologies to some of my fellow commuters who joined me in the northbound "parking lot." First of all, to all you VIPs who don't have to abide traffic laws in actual traffic, I'm sorry for occupying the road and further delaying your important journey. I thank you for your expertise, which allowed you to avoid causing at least the three near-miss accidents that I personally witnessed. I also thank the five cars that avoided hitting me at the last second as they tried to occupy the same space I did.

Last, but not least, I wish to apologize to Al Gore and all the environmental greenies. While I don't drive a gas guzzler, I burned valuable fuel in the northbound parking lot and ran the air conditioner the whole time.

To my other non-VIP commuters who abide traffic laws, thank you and remember the meek inherit the earth.

Thanks one and all for letting me at last arrive home safely.

Wendy Partridge