I am writing in response to Don S. Robertson's remarks (Readers' Forum, July 29) about how the courts step beyond their bounds in decisionmaking and how we might begin to change that.

It probably won't happen in our lifetime (Don's or mine) as many judges have been appointed for life and many are fairly young. Most of the judges are not worrying about losing their jobs, so they do as they please.

In my humble opinion, the only way things will change for the better is for people to study — really study — the ideals and principles of the people who are running for office before voting for them. Many of us do that, and sometimes it is very discouraging when these people get into office

Also, when we vote to retain the local judges, we should be aware of their record on the bench and vote accordingly. Maybe someday, when our great-grandchildren are old enough to vote, and if they have been taught well, it will be the way to preserve our nation.

Dorothy Bradley

Fruit Heights