The fireworks are silenced, the parades are over as wonderful July — the red, white and blue month — draws to a close. Some see our nation's colors as tarnished. America will always be bright with opportunity and freedom.

Glenn Beck, in his Freedom Foundation speech in June, said that America's problems are not going to be solved in Washington; that our leaders are not the answer to our problems. Rather, "we the people" are the ones to refurbish our image.

We can do it by being honest in all our dealings, by giving dependable, hard, full-value work in the workplace, by being courteous on our roads and as tourists, by fair play and good sportsmanship as athletes and spectators, by being charitable, forgiving and generous, by caring for our neighbors, and by showing love in our homes. We, the most blessed people ever, can and must rally to the needs of our country.

Carolyn B. Nelson

Salt Lake City