SANDY — Reports detailing points of contention between the transition teams representing the freshly split east and west Jordan School Districts may be made public later this week.

The west transition team met Wednesday morning in a closed-door session to review its report and make a few minor changes. The team members agreed they would, by 5 p.m. today, put their stamp of approval on the final draft of their report.

The west transition team report will then be delivered Thursday morning to the president of each of the school boards for East Jordan District, West Jordan District and the original Jordan District.

The three school boards aren't required to vote on the reports. Board members are to simply review the documents.

The east transition team plans to meet Thursday afternoon to discuss its report. East transition team chairman Steve Newton was not available for comment when contacted at his office late this morning.

According to state law, the two reports are due to the school boards by Aug. 1 — this Friday.

"The process is outlined in the law. We are going to respect that process and move forward," said west transition team chairman Ralph Haws.

In November, east-side residents voted to split from Jordan District and form their own school district. Since early spring the transition teams representing the east and west sides have been trying to agree on a plan to adequately split the district's assets and liabilities.

A number of proposals have been presented, but no agreements have been reached. In April, each side retained legal counsel to prepare for arbitration.

East and west transition teams are to choose an arbitrator by Sept. 1. The< two arbitrators will then select a third arbitrator by Sept. 15. From there, the arbitration process will ensue.

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