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Razorback Sucker

The hot days of July have sent fish deep and fishermen high. Ponds along the Mirror Lake Highway through the Uinta Mountains last weekend were crowded. And, consensus is, those fishermen fishing the higher lakes caught fish.

With temperatures up, both fish and fishermen go looking for cooler places. And, the Uinta lakes are not a bad choice at all — cool, beautiful and productive.

Those anglers sticking with lakes and reservoirs at lower elevations are finding they need to fish early, very early, and/or go deeper.

Anglers who know the secrets of deep-water fishing are still doing fairly well.

At Bear Lake, for example, lake trout are being caught in 60 feet of water, even during the cooler parts of the day.

At East Canyon, boaters are trolling at depths between 25 and 30 feet to find fish. Boaters having success trolling at depths of 25 to 30 feet and using various kinds of pop-gear trailed by bait or lures.

Even at the always productive Pelican Lake, the report is the fish are going deeper.

Following is the latest report from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources:


BEAR LAKE: Having moderate success trolling for lake trout. Fish are in about 60 feet of water during the morning and late-evening hours.

BLACKSMITH FORK: Good success using elk hair caddis or worms.

EAST CANYON: PowerBait seems to be the bait of choice for most shore anglers. Use rainbow, chartreuse or the salmon-egg variety. Zeke's gold also popular. Boaters having success trolling at depths of 25 to 30 feet and using various kinds of pop-gear trailed by bait or lures.

LOGAN RIVER: Second Dam fishing good for trout. Anglers are having great success using PowerBait, flies and a bobber. Third Dam conditions good for trout.

LOST CREEK: PowerBait seems to be the bait of choice for most shore anglers. Try using the rainbow or chartreuse varieties. Worms and a marshmallow were also popular and produced some results. Boaters having some success trolling at depths of 20 to 30 feet with pop-gear and a lure — flatfish, Jake's or similar or bait. There were some reports of good fishing in the far inlet.

MANTUA: Having good success using black or yellow jigs tipped with a worm.

TRIAL LAKE: Having some success using PowerBait, worms and even a combination of a worm on a spinner. Some of the fish have been fairly small.

WEBER RIVER: Water is high between Echo and Stoddard. Try fishing with a small Rapala or spin-gear in the deeper holes. Fly fishing with nymphs or streamers has produced some fine fish all along the river.

Central Region

DEER CREEK: Bottom bouncers with a worm harness produced several 5- to 8-pound walleye fishing toward the dam. Fair success for smaller walleye on the Charleston end of the reservoir. Most trout anglers report at least fair success from both boat and shoreline, and bass success remains "fair" to "good."

JORDANELLE: Fair success from both shoreline and boat. Good bass success. Try casting jigs or minnow-imitating lures toward points or near submerged structures.

STRAWBERRY: Trout fishing fair to good from tubes, boats and shoreline. Many different lures, flies and baits are working. Best tend to be white tube jigs, dark wooly patterns and PowerBait or a worm/marshmallow combo or dead minnow for the bait anglers. Stream restoration work is occurring now, and it will improve spawning habitat for both kokanee salmon and cutthroat trout.

UTAH LAKE: Fair success for white bass, fair success for largemouth bass — look for edges of vegetation along inlets or along the vegetative shorelines in the lake — and good success for channel cats. Walleye fishing is slow.

YUBA: Good success for perch. Walleye success is slow to fair. Anglers are also catching the occasional northern pike.

PROVO RIVER: Fly anglers reporting good success. Hare's ear, sow bugs and other small surface flies and bottom-bouncing nymphs are producing fair to good success in pools and feeding zones.


FLAMING GORGE: Good to excellent fishing for 16- to 24-inch lake trout in the canyon. Areas to try are points next to deep water in Sheep Creek, Red Canyon, the Skull Creeks and Jarvies Canyon. Lures to try include tube jigs in white, chartreuse, glow or brown — all tipped with a small chunk of sucker or chub meat. If trolling, use downriggers to get lures like needlefish, other spoons and Rapalas down near the bottom. Anglers report good fishing around the Pipeline, Sheep Creek and Jarvies Canyon for kokanee. Fish in depths of 40-55 feet or anywhere you see fish on the graph. Good fishing in most areas for rainbow; 400,000 rainbows were recently stocked. These fish are about 8 inches and can easily be caught by trolling spoons, pop gear and spinners in shallow water. For burbot, go out at night in water from 20-50 feet using glow jigs. Fish jigs late in the afternoon, early morning or at night on points coming into reservoir. Use glow tube or curly tail jigs that are 2 to 3 inches in size and about 1/8 to 1/4 ounce in weight. Smallmouth fishing is very good now that water temps are up. Fish shallow and early in rocky areas where crayfish will be and move deeper as the surface waters warm.

GREEN RIVER (UPPER): Good to excellent fishing in most sections of the river. Recently stocked 25,000 rainbows. Grasshoppers and other top-water fishing good using imitations. Also, match the hatches, including baetis, midges and flying ants. Spin fishermen should try small Rapalas (floating, countdown and husky jerk); small spinners; black, brown or olive marabou jigs; and small jigs.

MOON LAKE: Fair to good fishing success. Moon Lake contains a variety of trout and kokanee, and fishing for all of these species should continue to be fair to good, especially in the cooler hours.

PELICAN LAKE: Fair to excellent fishing for bass and bluegill. The fish are moving deeper, so it's generally a matter of finding the schools.

RED FLEET: Good fishing for trout, bass and bluegill. High water has flooded the vegetation, which is a good place to start fishing for bass and bluegill. Rainbows are also near the structure, but you should try fishing on the outside edge and in deeper waters.

STARVATION: Good fishing for walleye, bass and yellow perch. A few rainbows and browns have also been reported.

STEINAKER: Good fishing for rainbows, bass and bluegill. Fishing hot in and around the submerged vegetation and rocky structures.

Southeastern Region

ABAJO MOUNTAINS: Fair fishing at Lloyds, Monticello and Foy lakes with marshmallows or PowerBait.

ELECTRIC LAKE: Tributaries offer faster fishing than the lake itself, although the average fish size will be smaller.

GREEN RIVER: Good fishing for 1- to 2-pound channel cats, using shrimp on a slip rig. Evening fishing is the most productive.

SCOFIELD: Slow fishing from the bank. Most bankside anglers are taking only one or two fish. Boat anglers have done much better by trolling or still-fishing.

Southern Region

BOULDER MOUNTAIN LAKES: All areas of the mountain, including the Boulder Top, are now accessible. Good fishing in Fish Creek Lake and Beaver Dam Reservoir. Fair to good in many other areas.

CHALK CREEK: Wild rainbows are abundant and can be caught with spinners and flies. The best fishing is away from the campground and more heavily fished spots.

ENTERPRISE (UPPER AND LOWER): Catchable rainbows have been stocked in the lower reservoir. The upper will not be stocked this year due to continued repair work on the dam.

FISH LAKE: Fast action for perch in and just outside the weeds. Try jigs tipped with worms or perch meat. Trolling for rainbows using popgear is good to excellent. Many nice rainbows have been caught. A few splake are caught trolling at 60-70 feet.

MINERSVILLE: Trout fishing has picked up a little, but the fish are skinny and easily stressed due to warm water.

NEWCASTLE: Wiper success has picked up recently and was fast for short periods. Don't be surprised to have good fishing one day and get skunked the next.

OTTER CREEK: Trolling is good to excellent for rainbows with Jake's, flatfish and crankbaits. Stillfishing from boats is also productive when you use PowerBait or a worm and marshmallow combination. Shore fishing was slow to fair.

PANGUITCH LAKE: Fishing from boats — both trolling and stillfishing — is producing well. Shore fishing is slow to fair. More and more fish near 22 inches are being caught.

SAND HOLLOW: Bass fishing is good to excellent. Small fish are found just about everywhere, while large fish are found closer to brush and rock edges or in deeper water.

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