Logan police have arrested a couple accused of savagely beating a woman inside an apartment.

Police said Tuesday it likely began with an argument early Saturday at an apartment. A 23-year-old woman was in the apartment with Antonio L. Medina, 20, and Stephanie Smith, 18.

"She attempted to leave at one point, but was pulled back into the apartment by her hair. The door was locked and she was bound with electrical cords from an appliance," Logan Police Capt. Eric Collins said. "She was punched, kicked, beat with a belt, beat with a fan, stabbed with scissors, thrown darts at and bitten."

Police said Medina did most of the beating, but Smith participated.

"After this had gone on for some time, she was laying there bound and they had sex in front of her. I don't know why," Collins said.

Eventually, police said the couple placed a bag over the woman's head and dragged her out to a car. Collins said the victim claimed she was told she was going up Logan Canyon.

"She assumes they're going to continue to assault or kill her," Collins said Tuesday.

When the car stopped at an intersection near 500 North and Main Street, the woman jumped out and ran into a nearby business where she tried to hide from the two. Employees said Medina followed after her, and they called police.

"He was calling her name and telling her to come out of the store," Collins said.

The woman was treated at a hospital for her injuries and is now being housed at a Cache County domestic violence shelter. Police said the victim claims it was jealousy, because of a relationship she once had with Medina. She and Smith both lived with him, police said.

Medina and Smith were later arrested and booked into the Cache County Jail. They made their initial appearance Monday in Logan's 1st District Court on charges of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, threats with a weapon and lewdness.

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