Police are looking for two men they say hit a man in the middle of the street with a car and then drove away early Monday morning.

Around 2:10 a.m., two men in a white automobile pulled up next to a group of people walking near 1500 South and Navajo and made lewd comments to a woman in the group, according to the Salt Lake Police Department.

The vehicle, described as either an SUV or minivan, drove south, made a U-turn and headed back toward the group. One of the men in the group had picked up a rock to throw at the vehicle, police said. Before he could throw the rock, the man was hit as he stood in the middle of the street. He bounced onto the hood of the car and was carried until the driver slammed on the brakes, police said.

The white automobile reversed down the street and disappeared.

The man was taken to the hospital in critical condition but was later upgraded.