Un-bare-able situation

For the millions who read Playboy just for the articles, here's an unusual story: Heisman winner Tim Tebow wasn't on the magazine's 2008 preseason All-American ballot.

Tebow requested not to be included when ballots were made last spring. He said it was against his moral code.

Interestingly, in the 1980s, BYU's Gordon Hudson said yes when Playboy came calling.

Who would have thought a BYU player would say yes to Hef while a Florida player said no?

In any case, Tebow is committed to his decision. Noted Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times: "And just to prove he's serious, he (Tebow) won't run any naked bootlegs this season, either."

Lifesaving measures

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez recently drew praise from Sen. Barack Obama and President Bush for saving a man's life.

Gonzalez performed the Heimlich on a choking man at a California restaurant earlier this month.

After which the Chicago Cubs immediately called to see if Gonzalez could do anything to prevent them from choking down the stretch, too.

Called to serve

The Miami Herald ran a story last week on the team's preponderance of returned LDS missionaries, including Shawn Murphy, John Denney, Kelly Poppinga and John Beck.

The players told the Herald they spent two years doing service work.

Explained Denney: "Could be doing janitorial work for a local old folks home. Could be working with a school, helping the teacher out."

Could even be trying to save a football team from going winless.

When it comes to service, there's no end to the opportunities.

Bargain prices

Apparently the global economy is affecting even high-end sports fans.

The London Times says many Beijing four-star hotels aren't even half-booked for the Olympics, compared to the city's normal 80 percent August occupancy rate.

The report said average room prices are down $60, which is a great deal.

Unless, of course, you're an IOC member.

It's hard to beat getting in free.


Members of the New England Revolution recently subdued an unruly airline passenger who reportedly stripped, got dressed and tried to open an emergency exit door.

Revolution members who were on the same flight from Boston to L.A. overpowered the man when the plane stopped in Oklahoma City.

Word is that after being halted the man grabbed his knee, rolled on the floor and demanded a free kick.

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