There may be more to the relationship between sister cities — Matsumoto and Salt Lake City — than meets the eye, or better said in this case, meets the ear.

Matsumoto is the longtime domicile of the "Talent Education" movement founded by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. This benevolent violin pedagogue argued that all children are innately musical and set about to prove it. His "Suzuki Method" found its way to our shores about 50 years ago and from there to most of the Western world.

Utah, for its population, has an extraordinary number of string and harp players who in their tender age have been "nurtured in love" by the late Hiroko Primrose (a devotee of Dr. Suzuki), Debbie Moench, ShruDeLi Owenby and a host of other devoted teachers.

Over the years these young students have matured and contributed their training and talents to the musical life of our state, its orchestras and the great orchestras of Chicago and Los Angeles.

David Dalton