TYHEE, Idaho — An eastern Idaho man says he has found a rare 1820s engraving of the Declaration of Independence, has had it restored and plans to take it to area schools to show to students.

Todd Crump says he found the engraving by artist Eleazar Huntington folded in the pages of an early 19th century leather-bound history book about the Revolutionary War.

"It was so thin you could hardly tell it was in there," Crump told the Idaho State Journal.

He said he got the book that contained the engraving by swapping two George Washington biographies printed in the 1850s with another collector.

Crump, a computer programmer, said he researched the document and found only nine other copies, one of which sold for $32,000.

"This one is probably in the best shape of any I've seen," Crump said. "Dealers have confirmed what it is. One guy wanted to buy it right there, but I said no."

Crump said the heading and text of the engraving he has differs from the original Declaration of Independence. But he said the signatures on the engraving are identical to those on the original.

Crump, a 46-year-old father of four, said he began collecting books about the Revolutionary War a few years ago, fascinated by historians of the day who gave highly patriotic descriptions of battles.

He said his job requires a lot of travel, giving him the opportunity to trade collectibles with dealers.

Margo, Crump's wife, said their children aren't always enthusiastic about his collecting.

"They think Dad is a big history geek," Margo said. "That's what they call him."