Birth and Family Place:


JEFFERIES, Emily and Jonathan, Draper, boy, July 22

Ogden Regional:

BECK, Kathleen and Steven, Willard, girl, July 18

BLOOD, Farrah and Rodney, Kaysville, boy, July 18

CARRILLO, Ashley Ahrensbach and Jose, Slaterville, girl, July 17

CARTER, Jennifer and Ryan, Roy, boy, July 14

DEVERA, Tiffiny and Maurice, Ogden, girl, July 16

ERNSBERGER. Brittni Jackman and Sheldon, Roy, girl, July 17

GRAVES, Natasha Peterson and Dustin, Riverdale, boy, July 21

HAMSON, Jenny and Marc, Brigham City, girl, July 18

JOHNSON, Nicole and Travis, Ogden, girl, July 22

KINNEY, Michawn Klotz and David, Ogden, girl, July 18

KOSHAR, Trista and Thomas, Wyoming, girl, July 18

LEWIS, Deena and Brian, Layton, girl, July 21

MAHOSKEY, Candice and Brian, West Haven, boy, July 20

MONSIVAIS, Missy and Anthony, Syracuse, boy, July 17

MONTGOMERY, Ericka and Chris, Layton, boy, July 19

MURRAY, Brianna and Trevor, North Ogden, boy, July 17

ORTENGON, Arva and Vincent, Ogden, boy, July 21

PASKETT, Sarah and Kelly, Ogden, girl, July 21

PERRY, Shamber King and Sean, Ogden, girl, July 17

PHIPPS, Ronda and Marcus, Garland, girl, July 20

POWELL, Sarah and Christopher, Ogden, girl, July 18

REYNOLDS, Melissa and Matt, West Haven, boy, July 21

RUSSELL, Danielle and Josh, Layton, boy, July 18

SCHOOLCRAFT, Erica Senn and Shayne, Ogden, girl, July 18

SIMPSON, Megan and Joshua, Roy, girl, July 18

STEGEN, Jennifer and Christopher, Perry, girl, July 20

SUMNER, Randi Branz and Joseph, Ogden, boy, July 21

THORNBURG, Janeet and Chris, Ogden, girl, July 17

TIPPERY KENNEDY, Becky and Tim, Ogden, girl, July 21

WIDDISON, Carrie and Jacob, South Ogden, girl, July 18

WILKINSON, Skyla Ricketts and Ammon, Ogden, boy, July 22