An NFL source confirmed reports Friday that Brett Favre has told the Green Bay Packers he will petition commissioner Roger Goodell for reinstatement so that he can report to training camp with the team.

What the Packers aren't sure of, the source said, is whether Favre has genuine designs on returning to the Packers or is simply using this as a ploy to facilitate a trade.

"There isn't any way to know," the source said.

The source described Favre's most recent dealings with the Packers as "fine and cordial" and said there is a scenario in which the team probably would welcome Favre back, although it would "be under a different structure with the understanding that the Packers have moved on" to Aaron Rodgers as their starting quarterback.

Indications were that whatever solution the two sides come to, it would be difficult to complete before the first practice of training camp at 8:45 a.m. Monday. In that event, the source said it was "50-50" that Favre would be on the field for that practice because "I don't know if he's totally serious or not."

Another source close to Favre told the Press-Gazette that Favre still seemed torn about whether or not to play this season. That source said he last spoke to Favre earlier this week and that Favre indicated at that time that he still hoped a resolution could be reached to allow him to return to play for the Packers, but that Favre was "hurt" by the fact that the Packers have decided to move on to Rodgers.

"That's why he's all torn up about it," the source close to Favre said. "He told me, 'I can still play.' But he doesn't want to get traded somewhere to a team that has no chance to win. His thought was to go back to Green Bay, but when they told him he'd be No. 2, that hurt his feelings."

When the source close to Favre was asked what he thought the quarterback would do, the source said: "Brett said 'if my dad were still alive, he'd tell me to get on that plane and report to practice'."