Loser: Ford Motor Co. lost $8.67 billion during the second quarter of the year. That's the worst performance in 105 years. GM already has closed four plants in North America this year, trying to make up for a $3.3 billion first-quarter loss.

Meanwhile, Honda reported $1.68 billion in profits for the second quarter, which would have been higher if the yen hadn't been so strong. Americans and Japanese automakers are dealing with the same challenges — moving from larger vehicles to those that are more fuel-efficient. Clearly, the American companies aren't as nimble. We just hope the old adage "as GM goes, so goes America" no longer is true.

Winner: Utah County is close to establishing a single center to handle public safety dispatch services for the entire county. The center would be governed by a board made up of representatives from the cities served. This will help coordinate crime-fighting, disaster response and a host of other issues that can become confused when a number of emergency entities are working independently, using their own dispatchers.