Title: Bargaining for Eden: The Fight for the Last Open Spaces in America

Author: by Stephen Trimble

Publisher: The University of California Press

Pages: 319

Price: $29.95

In a nutshell: This is a compelling book about the battle for the heart and soul of the American West. Stephen Trimble, writer, photographer and environmentalist, has written several books and scores of articles about the importance of saving the land. In this book, he examines his own back yard, specifically Snowbasin in the Ogden Valley, and the battle between legendary local land baron, Earl Holding and the rural people who didn't want their precious mountain to be used or modified, Olympics or not. Holding is well known as a hard-driving, highly successful businessman who enjoys owning land. Trimble was unable to get an interview with his nemesis, but he writes an interesting and important book about the importance of maintaining open space in Utah.