Genwal Resources, Incorporated

Crandall Canyon Mine

Mine ID: 4201715

Fall of Face or Rib Accidents Occurring August 6, 2007 and August 16, 2007


Fatal Accident Report (without appendices — 16,732 kb)

Fatal Accident Report (with appendices — 16 mb)

Crandall Canyon Accident Investigation Summary and Conclusions (briefing paper)

Fatal Accident Report Appendices

Appendix A — Persons Participating in the Investigation

Appendix B — Victim Data Sheets

Appendix C — Safety Zone Map

Appendix D — Mine Development History Map

Appendix E — AAI May 5, 2000, Report

Appendix F — AAI July 20, 2006, Draft Report

Appendix G — AAI August 9, 2006, Report

Appendix H — AAI December 8, 2006, Report

Appendix I — AAI April 18, 2007, Report

Appendix J — Roof Control Plan for Recovering South Barrier Section

Appendix K — Massive Pillar Collapse

Appendix L — Subsidence Data

Appendix M — Neva Ridge Technologies Report

Appendix N — Seismic Analysis

Appendix O — Images of March 10, 2007, Coal Outburst Accident

Appendix P — ARMPS Method Using Barrier Width Modified Based on Bearing Capacity

Appendix Q — Finite Element Analysis of Barrier Pillar Mining at Crandall Canyon Mine

Appendix R — Description of BEM Numerical Models

Appendix S — Back-Analysis of the Crandall Canyon Mine Using the LaModel Program

Appendix T — Abutment Load Transfer

Appendix U — Coal Properties Input

Appendix V — Rock Mass Properties

Appendix W — MSHA Main West 2006 ARMPS

Appendix X — Mine Ventilation Plan

Appendix Y — Glossary of Mining Terms as used in this Report

Appendix Z — References

Complete Appendix — Compilation of all the appendices