She is way in love with her cute husband. She sells yummy-smelling candles. She hearts Stampin Up! and is super-excited to be preggers.

She is Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole, and she's a composite character — some might call her a stereotype. She's the voice behind "Seriously, so Blessed!" — a satirical blog ( that is so true to form, you might not catch that all those exclamation points are meant to be ironic.

The site was created in June by an individual who prefers to remain anonymous but who via e-mail correspondence claims to be a married 25-year-old Mormon mom living in Utah. "Seriously, so blessed!" was intended to be a good-natured response to those perky mommy blogs so prevalent in family circles.

"I made 'Seriously, so blessed!' one afternoon while our baby was napping last month, just as a joke for a couple of friends after laughing about how funny family blogs can get ... the widgets, the enthusiasm, the tone, the whole bit," she said. "I definitely made it in good fun and not out of spite."

Riddled with cheeriness and superlatives, TAMN's blog is a hilarious spoof on the way women portray their family life for their readers. TAMN and her husband, Jordan/Jason/Wes/Taylor, have a fairy-tale romance. They live in a condo/townhouse/mini-mansion while JJWT attends law/dental/business/medical school — take your pick. The site has been a hit in the few weeks it's been online, catching the eye of's Emily Jensen.

The author of "Seriously, so blessed!" says, "I figure the attention this is getting just shows what a hilarious phenomenon the married Mormon blog has become. TAMN combines everything entertaining and obnoxious in the blogs that make us all both laugh and cringe; I guess joking about them is an easier, more entertaining way to deal with it than barfing."

TAMN is a rather self-centered character who thinks the blogosphere revolves around her. In her blog's "Honor Code" she warns commenters to not write about themselves, as "this blog is about my cute blessedness and MINE is the best life ever!!"

She does encourage feedback, though, and leaves some posts open-ended to encourage others to play along. Like when she ended a July 10 post about her wedding anniversary with "I forgot tonz of details. You were there, what do YOU remember?"

One of 84 commenters replied with, "I was so glad that your face sparkles were on straight! I loved your flip flops, that was so original and unique!"

The author says the blog has received a warm reception from many people who maintain the very blogs she spoofs.

"Many readers will say things like, 'Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the everything-is-so-gag-me-perfect world of blogging. Thanks for cracking me up and reminding me we don't have to pretend we have perfect kids and are madly in love every second of every day."'

TAMN definitely tries to live in that perfect world, as she depicts in her post "Happy anniversary to ME! Well, us, but whatever."

"Marriage is COMPLETE BLISS and we have had non-stop fun since we married! No, since we met! No, since we were BORN! No, since the PRE-MORTAL EXISTENCE! Couldn't get any funner," she writes.

The blog is complete with intentionally misspelled words such as "tonz" "thanx" "dill" instead of "deal," and "pitchers" instead of "pictures." Also throughout are cutesy terms like "preggers" and photos of craft projects TAMN is working on. For emphasis, TAMN often writes in all capital letters.

Some entries hint at underlying insecurities with her relationship and body image, though TAMN is quick to overcompensate. The author doesn't only poke fun at women, she also pokes fun at the quintessential young married Mormon man when she makes jabs about "faux-hawked hair" and "super white teeth."

Not everyone is in love with the site, the author says, and some people don't think she should give the people she spoofs any attention, while others think "Seriously, so blessed!" is a waste of time.

"A few readers get really mean and say things like 'I'm glad you're laughing at these people because they are a joke,' which is unfortunate, and not what I mean at all," the author says. "Other people hate it and say I'm obviously bitter, need to get a life, have too much free time, etc. But most people have responded really well and appreciate the laughs."

The author says she relates with the bloggers she parodies. "A lot of the stuff I joke about is also true for me (I love Diet Coke, I blogged about my pregnancy, I watched The Bachelorette, I think my husband is the best ever, blahblahblah)."

The author behind the blog says she is a returned missionary and will begin her last year of graduate school next month. She also maintains a real-life blog that is "boring and normal."

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