A few weeks back my granddaughter and I were in the small town of Fairview. We stopped at a fast-food place to buy lunch. My granddaughter saw a bubble gum machine, and she begged for a quarter. So doing what all good grandparents would do, I gave her a quarter.

She dropped in the quarter, and lo and behold, she received a "winner" gum. So excited, she went to the counter to collect her prize. The cashier said she had won an ice cream cone! The cashier took her bubble gum and gave her an ice cream cone. Looking a little confused, she ate the cone and then said "Grandma, can I have my bubble gum now?" We walked up to the counter and asked for her bubble gum. He said the cook had eaten it because my granddaughter had received a free cone.

It reminded me of the easy loan of the past few years. You go in knowing what you need and they flash the (ice cream) loan that you can't afford. Then a little later they take your home back and spit you out like chewed gum. All along you knew what you wanted and this sure wasn't it.

Marlyn Barnes