All airplanes, trains and large trucks burn horrendous amounts of fuel; their use should therefore be immediately suspended by federal mandate.

All personal travel should, of course, be by roller-skate, and all shipping should logically be by little red wagon over land or by Viking-style row-boat overseas.

The proposal being debated in Congress to mandate a maximum highway speed of 55 "to save gas" ignores the very real cost of the productive time that would be wasted because of extended trip times.

Exchanging a loss of $24 worth of time per travel-hour for a savings of 30 cents in fuel costs is like cutting one's jugular to slow the bleeding of a knee scrape — foolish, ineffective and irresponsible.

Politicians, please stand less between me and the sunlight of freedom and let free enterprise and the unencumbered inventive genius of a free people solve our energy problems.

Jack Mason