Doing the do

Remember that song by the band America that goes, "Don't give up until you drink from the silver cup"?

On second thought ...

Red Wings forward Kris Draper told the Detroit Free Press last week that his diaper-less baby did a No. 2 inside the Stanley Cup.

"A week after we won it, I had my newborn daughter in there, and she pooped in the Cup," said Draper.

"I still drank out of it that night," he said, "so no worries."

Well, maybe some worries.

Just wondering, how do you pronounce cryptosporidiosis?

Security check

Jazz coach Jerry Sloan isn't one to get overconfident.

At the press conference to re-sign Deron Williams, last week, Sloan said, "Deron, I'm excited for you — and for me I'm excited because it means I still have a job."

Same job he's had for 20 years, in fact.

Not that he's paranoid or anything.


The Web site in Australia has assessed damages from this year's Running of the Bulls in Spain.

The totals: 45 injured, including four gorings.

Oh, and 500 people who needed their heads examined.

Image conscious

Recent reports said Barack Obama was considering sponsoring a NASCAR Sprint Cup car at a race in August, but that notion has died.

Beth Ann Morgenthau, a racing team owner, said they "decided to heed the advice of the overwhelming response by fans to keep politics out of racing."

Yeah, wouldn't want to do anything to make NASCAR look cheap and commercial.

Crash test

A man estimated to be "perhaps 80 years old" was trapped beneath a golf cart and hospitalized two weeks ago.

Tom Poppa, general manager at Teetering Rocks Golf Course, told The Kansas City Star he didn't know how the elderly golfer tipped his cart.

Perhaps it had something to do with permanently leaving his left blinker on, driving slowly and making wide turns.

Fuel on the fire

I don't profess to be a marketing genius, but the logo for next spring's Final Four in Detroit is a flaming tire.

As if the place needed any more of those.

Anyway, that's the pitch, and they're sticking to it.

Besides, lots of teams have used flames on their logos. For instance, the Miami Heat.

Which means, of course, this year's Final Four is likely to go up in smoke or down in flames.

That's the end of that

Sportscaster Vai Sikahema on whether he'll fight again, after knocking out Jose Canseco: "My wife says 'I don't care if you got it out of your system. It's out of your system.' I said, 'Yes, Ma'am.'"

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