I have been riding Max (UTA's Bus Rapid Transit) for a week. It's time to grade its performance.

A = It has reduced my transit time going to work by 15 minutes.

D = It has not reduced my transit time going home.

A = Clean, state-of-the-art buses

A = Had UTA staff/volunteers at each stop to explain the new system.

D = Emitters that are designed to give Max signal-light prioritization don't always succeed.

A = The buses are coordinated with TRAX.

D = They could have done "Max" without buying new buses.

F = Fare collection machines accept UTA tokens.

D = Max buses are not in addition to the regular route 35 buses.

C = Overall grade

Max is fun to ride, but it has a long way to prove it's the answer to transportation needs.

Mark Farnsworth

West Valley City