Carol Kaelson, Lifetime Television
Host Carson Kressley shows Kelly Park how to shop for her body type in the second-season premiere of "How to Look Good Naked."

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Some people just shouldn't be on TV.

Apparently, that's true of a woman who's on the second-season premiere of "How to Look Good Naked" (Tuesday, July 22), a Lifetime show that — despite its title — is actually a sweet, supportive, uplifting series.

It's sort of a makeover show, but most of the making over goes on inside women's minds. Host Carson Kressley gives them wardrobe assistance, but he also works to make them see the good in themselves and not just focus on the bad.

However ... Kelly Park carried those lessons just a little bit too far.

In "How to Look Good Naked," there's a pivotal scene in which the women, clad only in underwear, stand in front of full-length mirrors as Kressley talks them through getting to love themselves. Park, however, took this to a level the show's producers never imagined.

The day after filming on her episode ended, she walked into work wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

"And when I walked in the door, their faces fell off," Park told TV critics. "They could not believe that here was this woman that wore Converse every day, that wore maternity shirts every day because they were comfortable. ... And I walked in with 4-inch heels on and my bra and panties and full makeup, and I was very serious.

"And they were blown away, and they applauded me with all of my stretch marks and everything, all of the little dings on my body."

Applause? I would have thought a pink slip would have been more appropriate.

Just to make this clear, Park didn't do this as part of the show. She just did it.

Talk about getting too personal at work.

Don't get me wrong. Park is a rather attractive woman and, far more importantly, I'm happy for her that she's acquired this fantastic new attitude about herself.

But she's apparently unfamiliar with the concept of TMI — too much information.

"I'm a different person. I'm a better wife. I'm a better mother ... " Park said, adding she's also better in the bedroom.


Kressley, as always, was a hoot. Even if he did sort of egg Park on after her comment.

"With just your husband?" he asked.

"Well, yes," Park replied.

"Because that would be a whole different show ... " Kressley said.

In an age when people go on TV and tell their intimate secrets to Oprah, Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer, Park felt comfortable telling a room full of complete strangers — TV critics, for goodness' sake — her intimate secrets.

Yes, we're all happy for her. We're thrilled that she's discovered that the right underwear "changed my life."

But, um, did we really need to know that she has stretch marks or other details about her body? Or did we need to know the intimate details of her married life?

Ack! TMI! TMI!

It's getting harder and harder to remember a time when people didn't blab everything to a national television audience. Or even a room full of strangers.

"I love you guys," Park told Kressley and his executive producer. "Do you know why? Because you created a monster. I am a sexy beast — a sexy beast."

I'm kind of thinking they didn't create the monster, they just unleashed the beast.

CARSON KRESSLEY, who first became a TV star on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," is becoming a bigger presence on Lifetime.

For one thing, this season's episodes of "How to Look Good Naked" are expanding from 30 minutes to an hour.

And, coming in a few months, probably January, he'll host his own talk show on the cable network.

"We are really just in the very early developmental stages," Kressley said. "I think it's going to be a 30-minute (weekday) show that will air daytime on Lifetime.

"I think it's going to definitely have a style, kind of, focus. It's not going to be just about makeovers, but certainly the Lifetime viewer is someone who is interested in fashion and style. And 'Project Runway' is coming to the network. So, there's certainly a little bit more hip, cool, contemporary kind of thing that we will be going for."

Along with celebrity interviews "but in a different way. Instead of having someone come to the studio, we are going to do a lot of on-the-road stuff. We might go visit a celebrity at their home or go see somebody who is performing in Vegas — go check them out in their dressing room, do things related to fashion. Talking about fashion week in Paris, but we are going to do it from Paris, Kentucky."

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