Utah's Range Creek archaeological site will be the focus of the new PBS "TIME TEAM, USA" series during filming later this month.

The three days of filming will result in a one-hour episode that will feature a prehistoric building at the center of five Fremont pit houses. Over 72 hours, crews will use ground-penetrating radar to study the area's footprint and then excavate to figure out how the building was used.

"TIME TEAM" will look at petroglyphs and explain their meaning, climb rock cliffs to peek inside ancient granaries used to store food and gather pollen samples to learn more about the diets of Fremont people.

In 2001 Waldo Wilcox sold the area known as Range Creek, bought in 1951 by a ranching family. The land, strewn with artifacts and ruins, is now in a state-owned trust. Fremont people lived in the area from about 500-1350 AD.

Range Creek will be "TIME TEAM's" fourth archaeological dig during a five-site tour to kick off the new series. The program's team of archaeologists, landscape specialists, scientists and historians will take part in the dig later this month.