An Orem woman died Friday night at Ogden's McKay-Dee Hospital after being run over by a truck on a Bear Lake beach earlier in the day, Idaho State Police said.

Michele Pereira was one of five people injured when another Orem woman, Melissa Peterson, accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake of her truck while backing up to an awning at a North Beach campsite, near St. Charles, Idaho.

A 1-year-old infant was flown to Primary Children's Medical Center, though police had no details of the child's condition on Saturday. Nicole Pereira March of Springville, was treated Friday at Bear Lake Hospital in Montpelier, and two others, Carlos Pereira and Chantal Pereira, both from Orem, were treated and later released.

Police said they believe the victims of the accident are related, but they could not identify the parents of the infant.