Point guard Deron Williams made a long-term commitment to the Jazz on Friday, signing a multiyear contract extension that could keep him in Utah through 2013.

Shortly after he did, Williams made a plea for All-Star power forward and fellow Team USA Olympian Carlos Boozer — who is eligible to opt out of the final season of his six-year, $68 million contract next offseason — to make a similar commitment.

We've talked about it since I've been here. He said his main thing was he probably wouldn't stay if I wasn't here — if I wasn't signing an extension, Williams said. So, I think I took the first step in that by signing an extension — and he knows that I'm going to be here for five more years. So, next step is just convincing him to stay.

Whether he opts out or not I don't know. Hopefully he stays, Williams added. He knows he's a big part of this team; he knows that we have that great chemistry together, and it will be hard to develop that same chemistry with another point guard. And maybe he goes to a team that doesn't have the caliber of point guard that he has here.