Winner: The tomato industry caught a break this week when the federal government decided to lift its salmonella warnings. For three months now, investigators have been tracking an outbreak that sickened 1,220 people across 42 states. They now believe the problem may instead be related to hot peppers, specifically jalapenos and serranos. Now people are told to avoid fresh salsa and anything else that could contain such things.

But as for that bare hamburger you've been eating — don't be afraid to pile on the tomatoes.

Loser: The tomato industry, despite this week's good news, has suffered an estimated loss of more than $100 million, The Associated Press reports. And despite being cleared by the feds, tomatoes aren't likely to rebound to the good ol' days anytime soon without a strong PR campaign.

Loser: Maybe it's a sign of hard times, but a recent increase in the theft of recyclable materials from cemeteries nationwide, as reported by The Associated Press, is alarming. Experts say it all has to do with the price of metals. Copper, for instance, is about $3.75 per pound. These are, officials say, crimes of opportunity.

But even opportunity won't sway someone with an ounce of respect for the dead or for the feelings of their survivors.