This is appalling. How can you with good conscience publish each week columns by Orson Scott Card, Jerry Johnston and other writers like Dr. Richard H. Cracroft? A good Mormon woman (age 82) is — by tradition — expected to suffer great guilt when spending three to four hours devouring the Thursday newspaper. She should be nagging her grown children, telling her bishop how to run the ward and keeping track of items in her neighbors' garbage cans. I am enjoying this publication far more than an old lady should. This Thursday morning I read nearly every word of every page.

I was privileged to read Orson Scott Card's original manuscript of his "Seventh Son of Seventh Son" series when it was sent for editing to my mission president in Switzerland in 1986. It was a memorable event of our mission. I continue to read him. And Jerry Johnston has made me think, caused me to weep and — at times — to pray for him. They are both great writers. I am rereading Richard Cracroft's articles with pleasure. He does right well for a young feller.

Helen G.C. White