I have sincerely struggled to find the words that would allow me to convey to you with the utmost sincerity and honesty the truth of the incident of which I have been accused. Words that would somehow help you to know I am telling you the truth. In my heart of hearts, I know I did nothing wrong. I also know that regardless of my sincerity, there will be those who will only believe what they want.

I consider my position in the Legislature as an honor. I take the responsibility very seriously. I have always tried to deal with everyone at the Capitol in the most appropriate manner. A couple of sessions ago I had the opportunity to work with a young woman intern. In all the time we spent together working on legislation, there was never a hint of improprieties. We worked professionally and effectively in performing our legislative duties. I wish the media would have talked to her. They would have found that I treated her, as I try to treat all, with the utmost respect and professionalism — a much different picture than is currently being portrayed of me.

I tried in an honest and sincere manner to be helpful to a young woman who appeared extremely distressed or upset over something. I only asked if she was OK. She responded that if she wasn't. There was no one around at that late hour that I could see to send her to for help. I said that was not a good solution to problems and asked if I could help. Her answer was she just needed someone to talk to.

I became uncomfortable with the discussion and said she needed to be with her friends. She said they would be there soon to pick her up, which I did not know in the beginning. I ended the conversation, and she left to meet her friends. I never meant to imply to the press, media or anyone else that she was "hitting" on me, as was reported. I absolutely do not believe that she was. I also absolutely know that I did not "hit" on her. She was just talking about subjects that I was uncomfortable with, and I ended the conversation.

Until the letters with only House Speaker Greg Curtis' signature on them were released to the press, I had never seen them and did not know what they said. I did not ask the speaker to apologize for anything on my behalf, because I did not at any time do or say anything for which I believed an apology was appropriate. If the intern misinterpreted something I said or did, that is truly unfortunate. My only intent, in the most sincere way I can express it, was to help someone I thought needed help.

Rep. Steven Mascaro is a Republican state lawmaker representing West Jordan.