After two Utahns were consecutively given the boot from the Fox reality show "So You Think You Can Dance" in the past two weeks, it would seem the odds of another Utahn leaving the show Thursday night were a long shot.

But sometimes fate dances to another tune.

After last week's dismissal of Springville's Thayne Jasperson and the elimination of Matt Dorame the week before, Centerville resident Gev Manoukian was let go. But Chelsie Hightower was left to dance another day.

Manoukian, 21, a native of Kazakhstan who attends the University of Utah, found himself in the men's bottom two with Mark Kanemura, after Wednesday's vote. Manoukian and Kanemura danced solos, knowing one of them was going home. After the solos, the announcements were made.

Manoukian's last words to the judges on the show was "This was the greatest experience that I've ever had. It's definitely not the end."

Hightower, 18, a ballroom dancer from Orem, found favor in the public's eye after Wednesday's performance. She finished in the top three, and, therefore was safe from elimination this week.

Comfort Fedoke and Kherington Payne were the two bottom finishers for the women. Although Fedoke was let go last week, she was called back because Jessica King suffered a competition-ending injury. In the end, however, it was Payne who said goodbye Thursday night.

Still, Manoukian's relationship with "So You Think You Can Dance" isn't quite finished. It was announced on Thursday's program that the world tour, which starts in the fall, will feature the final Top 10 contestants — Fedoke, Payne, Manoukian, Hightower, Kanemura, Joshua Allen, Twitch Boss, Courtney Caliano, Katee Shean and Will Wingfield.

The tour is scheduled to hit the E Center on Tuesday, Sept. 23, according to

Tickets will go on sale Saturday, Aug. 2, at all Ticketmaster outlets. No word, yet, on the cost.