PROVO — Brigham Young University is looking for a few good treasure hunters.

Patrons may pick up a brochure with clues that will take them to the university's four on-campus museums until Sept. 15.

They are the Earth Science Museum, Museum of Art, Museum of Peoples and Cultures and the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum.

"This treasure hunt introduces visitors to all of the great and diverse museums on campus and provides a rich, cross-curricular experience," said Katy Knight, education coordinator for the Bean Life Science Museum.

With pictures and two questions from each museum, the brochures guide visitors through the hunt. Once completed, participants can turn their brochures in for a small prize. On Sept. 15, the museums will hold a grand-prize drawing from the collected brochures.

As many as 12 grand prizes will be offered that are related to each museum. Some will come from museum gift shops, said Kari Nelson, curator of education at the Museum of Peoples and Cultures.

The event is free to the public.