EAGLE MOUNTAIN — Eagle Mountain held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Pony Express Skate Park Thursday afternoon — putting to action the bid award that was approved by the City Council earlier this month.

The $300,000 skate park is part of the $2.4 million the city has budgeted for parks and recreation improvements this year. Providing additional parks and recreational opportunities have become a city goal due to the growing youth population. Eagle Mountain's current population is estimated at more than 20,000, with a median age of 13.

The money required to build the skate park is coming from impact fees that are designated specifically for regional parks improvements. The skate park will be added to the existing Pony Express Memorial Park, located adjacent to the historic Pony Express Trail.

Pony Express Skate Park will be 11,000 square feet, above ground, and feature a steel-ramp design.