Lindsay Hutchens
Flogging Molly has its own brand of Celtic music-inspired punk rock.

For nearly 11 years, Flogging Molly has created its own brand of Celtic music-inspired punk rock.

Some fans have said the band's new album, "Float," broods a bit more than the others, but Dave King, the band's vocalist and guitarist, said the album just asks more, deep questions.

"We returned to Ireland to record the CD," King said during a phone call from Nuremberg, Germany. "We used Ireland as an example of what we were trying to illustrate. Ireland was once a country that was so deep in the dumps and was heading toward a deep and dark grave, but it turned itself around and is now a very successful country.

"So, this album is looking at the world where it is," he said. "With the war in Iraq, and all the bad things happening in the environment, the world seems to be headed for a grave. But there is hope. And that's what we wanted to say."

To help with the production was Ryan Hewitt, who produced the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

"He put us on a regiment — record a track a day," King said. "That was something different for us. We usually did a bunch of tracks and then worked on them in a group. But with the track-a-day system, we started early in the day on one song and then worked with it throughout the day until it was finished in the evening."

The band — King, guitarist Dennis Casey, accordionist/keyboardist Matthew Hensley. bassist Nathen Maxwell, violinist/piper Bridget Regan, mandolinist Robert Schmidt and drummer George Schwindt — had already decided on 11 songs for the album.

"We went into the studio and did them methodically and meticulously," he said.

The band is currently playing festivals and in Europe.

"We've been getting some great response," King said. "Although it's like 104 degrees right now. And we do miss our families something terrible.

"But it is important to us to do what we're doing and the live shows only helps us remember why we're musicians. When we started the band, we all had day jobs, but we knew we wanted more. And now that we're doing it, we need to be dedicated to it from beginning to finish."

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