A musical about President Wilford Woodruff written 22 years ago for a Woodruff family reunion will be produced this weekend at the former LDS Church president's Salt Lake City farmhouse.

Marilyn Oblad, a descendant of Wilford Woodruff, has directed the musical for the past seven years in the backyard of the historic farmhouse. The biographical musical can be produced with as few as four people, and Oblad has used as many as 10. Some of the players, mostly descendants of Wilford Woodruff, are in the production year after year.

Joe Marshall, who plays Wilford, and his brother Andrew, a staff writer for the Deseret News, are the only players this year who are not descendants of Wilford Woodruff. But they have their own unique tie to the production, which was written by their grandmother, Nonie Sorenson.

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