New board members were sworn in and presidents and vice presidents were elected for the east and west area Jordan school boards Tuesday night.

Jordan-west board members elected Peggy Jo Kennett, an incumbent, as president. New board member Carmen Freeman was elected vice president.

The west board also appointed Barry L. Newbold, who has been serving as Jordan District superintendent since 1996, to be the superintendent. D. Burke Jolley, who has been the Jordan district business administrator since 1998, was appointed as Jordan-west district administrator.

On the Jordan-east board, Tracy Cowdell, an incumbent, was elected president. And incumbent Sherril Taylor was elected vice president.

The east board is in the process of appointing a superintendent.

The new board members will serve four-year terms while the incumbents will serve two-year terms.

In November, east-side residents voted to split from Jordan district and form their own school district.