It's frustrating when only a portion of the news gets published. Here are two recent examples.

First, in the case of Rep. Steve Mascaro, it is insinuated that House Speaker Greg Curtis offered the apologies of Rep. Mascaro to the young intern. It appears as if Rep. Mascaro had someone else say he was sorry because he wasn't courageous enough to do so. It is, however, possible that in order to avoid any further problems or discomfort to the young intern by additional contact with Rep. Mascaro, it became Speaker Curtis' responsibility.

Second, in the case of Chad Hardy, headlines say that Hardy was excommunicated because of his seminude Mormon missionary calendar. In all fairness, we would not know about the discipline court unless Mr. Hardy himself had not told the media. We do not know if the calendar was the real issue. It is a more safe conclusion that the excommunication was a publicity stunt rather than a reactionary move by religious bigots and prudes, as was insinuated between the lines.

Carolyn B. Ugolini