The new "Gong Show" has the blessing of the original producer/host, Chuck Barris. Although he didn't want to be involved.

"We wanted to make sure that Chuck was cool with us doing this show because it was his and he was the original creator," said executive producer Doug Robinson. "And he was psyched that we were doing it. ... We asked him if he wanted to do anything with it, and he wished us luck and said he was writing his book and have fun with it."

Host Dave Attell would like nothing better than to have Barris come on the show as one of the judges.

"I have to say he's, like, one of my heroes in television because I grew up on his shows," he said. "Not only 'The Gong Show,' but 'The Newlywed Game' and all that stuff — '$1.98 Beauty Pageant.' I love his stuff. I think that he really did kind of break the mold. And the CIA thing, whatever, that just makes him more of an interesting character."

The "CIA thing," of course, refers to Barris' book in which he claims that, while he was producing and hosting game shows, he was also an assassin for the government.

"We'd love to have him. We really do want to have him on," Attell said.

And what if the government asked Attell to kill a man?

"Well, I've already done that," he deadpanned. "I've never worked for the CIA, but I have filled out an application for the CBS.

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