Itsuo Inouye, Associated Press
A fisherman at a Tokyo park Tuesday shouts a slogan during a rally protesting skyrocketing fuel prices.

Japan: Fishermen go on strike

TOKYO — Fishermen across Japan went on a massive one-day strike Tuesday to protest skyrocketing fuel prices, the latest blow to the country's foundering fishing industry.

The strike was the largest ever for the industry, involving 200,000 boats and 400,000 workers, organizers said. More than 3,000 fishermen from across the country gathered in central Tokyo and marched around the fisheries ministry in protest.

"We ask that the government immediately implement emergency measures to ensure the survival of the fishing industry," said Ikuhiro Hattori, chairman of the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations. The federation is asking for tax breaks on fuel and other financial support.

Belgium: Government collapses

BRUSSELS — Belgium's government collapsed Tuesday, unable to resolve an enduring divide over more self-rule for the country's Dutch and French-speakers. The gap was so wide the premier suggested the end of Belgium as a country was looming.

King Albert II immediately began political discussions with lawmakers to try to resolve the situation, talks expected to take several days. He did not formally accept the resignation of government offered by Premier Yves Leterme late Monday, so Leterme's government stays on in a caretaker capacity for now.

Italy: Iraqi indicted in plot

ROME — A judge in Venice indicted an Iraqi on Tuesday who is suspected of plotting a terrorist attack on U.S. bases in Iraq using ultra-light aircraft.

Saber Fadhil Hussien was ordered to face a fast-track trial starting Nov. 18 on international terrorism charges, said his lawyer, Giorgio Pietramala.

Mexico: Fake CIA badge a no-no

MEXICO CITY — Mexico City police say they have detained a man who allegedly tried to use a fake CIA badge to enter the U.S. Embassy to seek work as a driver.

Police say they detained 47-year-old Israel Cortes after he cut to the front of the line at the embassy by showing a fake CIA badge supposedly signed by U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza.

Police say Cortes acknowledged making the false ID as well as a phony recommendation letter signed by an alleged U.S. diplomat because he wanted to apply for a job as a driver.

Somalia: Food worker killed

MOGADISHU — A World Food Program contractor was gunned down in the fifth fatal attack this year on one of the agency's workers, the WFP said Tuesday as thousands of Somalis gathered to protest the assaults.

Most members of the crowd that assembled outside the capital, Mogadishu, had been driven from their homes by the country's seemingly unending violence.

Sweden: 30 hurt at theme park

STOCKHOLM — A theme park ride collapsed Tuesday in western Sweden, injuring 30 people, officials said.

Several people were thrown out of the swinging Rainbow ride at the Liseberg theme park in Goteborg and squeezed as the seating platform tipped to one side, city police spokeswoman Malin Sahlstrom said.

The injuries ranged from bone fractures to shock, a rescue service spokeswoman Monica Grandin said.

United Arab Emirates: Drugs

DUBAI — Coalition warships seized 30 tons of narcotics over the past five months on Gulf patrols, cutting off possible funds for insurgents in Afghanistan, the U.S. Navy said in a statement Tuesday.

The majority of the busts were carried out by the British navy. Drugs seized included hashish, opiates, cocaine and amphetamines, the statement said, without giving a specific breakdown.