Rio Tinto, the parent company of Kennecott Utah Copper, said Tuesday it has been selected by Wal-Mart to provide gold and silver for "fully traceable, responsibly produced" jewelry.

The partnership is part of a Wal-Mart initiative to achieve 100 percent traceability for all of the gold and silver jewelry sold at its stores, Rio Tinto said.

Wal-Mart's "Love, Earth" jewelry collection will be produced with 100 percent traceable gold and silver mined and manufactured based on industry-leading criteria, initially focused on gold and silver jewelry using metal from Kennecott Utah Copper's Bingham Canyon Mine.

This partnership will allow customers to trace their "Love, Earth" jewelry back to the mine it came from by going online.

Kennecott Utah Copper annually produces about 300,000 tons of copper, 500,000 ounces of gold, 4 million ounces of silver, about 30 million pounds of molybdenum, and 1 million tons of sulfuric acid, a byproduct of the smelting process. It employs 1,800 people and hundreds of contractors.