Visitors to Salt Lake City who take advantage of the LDS Church's shuttle service and tours often share their thoughts on comment cards. The following are some examples:

Fantastic service! What an amazing experience to cherish forever. (Auckland, New Zealand)

The shuttle is great! Nice friendly drivers full of information. We enjoyed the tours to introduce us to everything. Very Beautiful. Thank you. (Missoula, Mont.)

This was wonderful. My flight was cancelled, so I was basically stranded. I always wanted to see the temple. The tour guides were nice as well. I sat in the gardens for a while and no one bothered, but it was a caring atmosphere. I knew if I wanted to talk, someone was willing. The drivers were great. (Mesa, Ariz.)

You don't get many things free in the world and this shuttle and tour made my layover a little bit more enjoyable. Without the shuttle I would not have been able to make a day out of my free time or experience your city. (San Diego)

The tour was an interesting experience. I have never been to Salt Lake City before, but had read about the temple on the Internet. I was happy to hear of the shuttle service when I arrived at the airport. (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)