Steven S. Maese<BR>

MURRAY — The city is suing to prevent the former owner of the Doll House escort service from getting the names of employees who have faced disciplinary action in recent years.

Murray officials have filed a lawsuit against Steven S. Maese and the Utah State Records Committee, saying that releasing a series of unredacted city disciplinary reports requested by Maese would violate employees' privacy.

In March, Murray denied Maese's public records request for documents related to disciplinary action taken against city employees over the last five years, according to the lawsuit filed last week in 3rd District Court. Maese appealed and the city later provided redacted disciplinary reports for 2003-07.

Last month, however, the Utah State Records Committee's Division of Appeals ruled that the unredacted records were not protected under state law and must be released to Maese.

Murray says that would be an invasion of privacy.

Maese ran the Doll House escort service and was found guilty last week of four felony counts of exploiting a prostitute and one count of a pattern of unlawful criminal activity. But Maese's name did not appear in any of the reports he requested and there are no charges pending against him in Murray, the city's lawsuit states.

"Disclosure would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of the Murray City Officers' personal privacy because Mr. Maese has no apparent reason for seeking the officers' names," the lawsuit states. Maese has "refused" to say why he was seeking the unredacted records, according to the lawsuit, "and absent a compelling reason," disclosure would be an invasion of privacy.

Murray says releasing the records could also interfere with future investigations.