A cool treat

At a recent gathering of University of Utah alumni in Los Angeles, basketball coach Jim Boylen was the keynote speaker.

The hoity-toity affair, staged at the lavish California Club, required jacket and tie.

After lunch, Boylen ordered the waiters from the room, saying he wanted to give Ute boosters some inside information. After a few minutes, a waiter reappeared, but Boylen again asked for privacy.

Three or four minutes later, the head waiter emerged, but before Boylen could say anything, the waiter said loudly to the host, "Sir, the dessert is melting!"

Since the sorbet cost $7 a person, Boylen relented, and dessert was served.

That way at least nobody could complain they didn't get the "inside scoop."


A Cape Cod man stands accused of beating with a bat a New Yorker who he assumed was a Yankees fan.

Robert Correia allegedly battered William Nestor, who was at a July Fourth fireworks display in Falmouth, Mass. Reports said the incident began after Correia saw Nestor's New York license plates.

If true, why would anyone would beat a man for simply liking a team? Inexcusable! Uncalled for!

Unless, of course, his favorite team is the Dolphins.

Trail blazing

New Utah Blaze coach Ron James said all the right things at his introductory press conference last week.

He talked of commitment, hard work and attention to detail. At the same time, he said the Blaze will "... work hard and have fun, on and off the field. And we spell fun W-I-N."

As opposed to the NFL, where they spell fun C-R-I-M-E.

Fueling the fire

If you're wondering where BYU or Utah might wind up in this year's postseason, consider this: There's a game on Dec. 20 in Washington, D.C., called the Congressional Bowl.

In an unrelated note, a Rasmussen Report poll shows Congress has an all-time low approval rating of nine percent. And they name a bowl game after it.

Surely an OPEC Bowl can't be far behind.

Motivational speech

Real Salt Lake coach Jason Kreis was suspended a second time this season after critical remarks about the officiating.

Not to worry. RSL won without him, Saturday, claiming first place for the first time in club history.

Kreis now reportedly plans to egg the officiating crew's van, toilet paper their hotel rooms, Saran-wrap their toilet seats and short-sheet their beds, in hopes of securing a spot in the playoffs.

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