Jane Seymour

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Jane Seymour is returning to television, but not as Dr. Quinn.

Appearing before TV critics to promote her upcoming Hallmark Channel movie "Dear Prudence," in which she plays an advice columnist-turned-rather reluctant detective, Seymour said there's zero chance of a "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" reunion. At least not anytime soon.

"(CBS president and CEO) Les Moonves does not want to make any more Dr. Quinns," Seymour said. And no "Dr. Quinn" project can go ahead without Moonves' OK.

"Unfortunately not, because CBS owns it," Seymour said. "But I have all the clothes. You know, Prudence could pretend to be Dr. Quinn. And I think Sully (Joe Lando) is available."

And there's at least a possibility of a kind-of, sort-of "Dr. Quinn" reunion if Lando were to, perhaps, show up on a "Dear Prudence" sequel.

"We thought about getting him into a 'Prudence' at some point if we get to do another one," Seymour said.

SEYMOUR FINISHED SIXTH on "Dancing With the Stars" last fall, but she'd highly recommend the experience.

"Well, first of all, it lost me 22 pounds and put me in size zero, which was an interesting experience," she said. "In terms of me as a person, it was just by far the most exhilarating and exciting thing I think I've ever done."

Not that it was easy for a 56-year-old woman to undertake.

"I can't begin to tell anyone how hard it is to do, especially if you're my age, have a bad back and do other things for a living," Seymour said. "And my dream when I was a little girl was to be a dancer, like a lot of young girls. So that was wonderful."

While "Dancing" has helped kick-start some of the "Stars'" careers, Seymour doesn't think it helped or hurt hers. She was already in talks to do "Dear Prudence," and she wasn't looking to do more reality shows.

"I think some people who do 'Dancing With The Stars' do it to get into reality programming. I am not a reality person. I like drama," she said. "I have enough reality. I have six kids."

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