"YOU'RE A GOOD MOM (AND YOUR KIDS AREN'T SO BAD EITHER)," Jen Singer, Sourcebooks Trade, 256 pages, $13.95 (paperback)

Take Erma Bombeck-style humor and mix it with some solid parenting advice, and you get "You're A Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren't So Bad Either)," the latest laugh-out-loud contribution to parental guidance written by author Jen Singer.

Singer leads us on a quest to find the happy medium between "super" mom and "slacker" mom and comes up with 14 secrets to achieving the right balance. Her tips will help you lose guilt, gain confidence and laugh at yourself. It's like a postnatal vitamin for any mom who is coming close to losing her identity in the vacuum of play dates, school functions and community sports — all before the kids are even in grade school!

One snippet of advice from the book: "Just Say No. If you don't want to organize the Cub Scouts popcorn sale, simply say, 'No thanks.' You don't need to provide a reason why you don't want 213 giant tins of popcorn in your garage. Why do you think the person who's asking you to do it isn't clearing out her garage in the first place?" Added perspective: If this New Jersey mother of two who just triumphed over cancer can be this funny, the rest of us are surely taking life a little too seriously.