LAYTON — Access to southbound I-15 from Layton's South Main Street will remain closed until July 24.

Originally UDOT thought the road, closed because of the "Lane Gain" project on I-15 — between Layton and Farmington — would have opened by July 10. However, the project is behind schedule, and I-15 access is not being allowed because there currently is no merge lane.

The access has been closed since June 10.

"Lane Gain is taking longer than we thought," said Vick Saunders, UDOT spokesman. "It will take about two weeks longer."

Drivers currently must enter I-15 at the Hill Field Road interchange or travel south to enter from Kaysville's 200 North.

Bill Wright, Layton's community development director, said there also will be another big change when the south access to I-15 reopens — motorists from the subdivision to the west, and in the area of 900 South, will not be permitted to turn left and go north on Main Street. The only access allowed will be go southbound on I-15.

"We'll take away the left turn," he said, explaining the addition of FrontRunner commuter rail has made the railroad crossing there even more tricky.

Layton Councilman Renny Knowlton said the lack of left turns there will mean that motorists from neighborhoods to the west will have to go south to 200 North in Kaysville or go north onto Flint Street and then to Gentile Street to have northern access.

"It will upset a lot of people," Knowlton predicted. "Many people turn north."

However, UDOT initially wanted to shut down all the access to the west, so right turns only is a good compromise, according to Wright.

Saunders said the limited access will hopefully be only temporary because a proposed new interchange could be built there in the coming years.

"We're not sure when that will be built," he said, explaining it hasn't yet been approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

An interchange there would totally redo all access in that area.

• The Riverdale Road expansion project in Weber County is ahead of schedule. It will open by Halloween or before.

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