LAYTON — Unincorporated Davis County residents living near Layton can now have access to the city's sewer system as well as culinary water.

The Layton City Council has approved an amendment to a city ordinance to allow sewer service outside city limits.

City Manager Alex Jensen said previously non-city residents could only receive culinary water service.

Assistant city attorney Steve Garside said the change has been driven by request. He said those living outside the city limits must have water service before they can have the sewer. It's not one or the other now — you must have both.

"It's not just for a single request, but an area," Jensen said.

He indicated that Layton, like Davis County, is anxious to get people off their septic tanks.

Jensen also said the city will begin conducting a study to see how many pocket areas of county land are inside the city and around it.

"You ought to be in the city," he said of many of those pocket areas. That's because they create a nightmare in police and fire protection.

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