Themba Hadebe, Associated Press
Former South African President Nelson Mandela, who turns 90 in a week, waves after his arrival for the 6th Annual Mandela Lecture in Soweto, South Africa, Saturday.

JOHANNESBURG — All Africans must speak out about injustices in places like Zimbabwe, Liberia's leader said Saturday during a speech honoring former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf devoted her speech, a week before Mandela's 90th birthday, to painting an optimistic picture of Africa's future. But the Liberian president said she could not ignore current troubles, and that it was her duty to "express my solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe, as they search for solutions to the crisis in their country."

Bermuda: Storm warning

HAMILTON — Bermuda is preparing for heavy rains and wind this weekend as Hurricane Bertha sputtered across the Atlantic.

The Bermuda Weather Service issued a tropical storm warning Saturday morning and the outer bands of Bertha threatened to sideswipe the island on Sunday. The U.S. National Hurricane Center said the storm was barely a Category 1 hurricane and was slowly chugging north. The storm remained mostly stationary on Saturday.

Egypt: War crimes indictment?

CAIRO — An indictment of Sudan's president for war crimes in Darfur would be "disastrous" for the region and could affect humanitarian organizations working there, a Sudanese government spokesman said Saturday.

Mahjoub Fadul Badry told the Arabiyah news channel that if the International Criminal Court sought to indict Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, it would be a violation of the country's sovereignty and would have consequences.

France: Embassies to open

PARIS — France's president Nicolas Sarkozy said Saturday that Syria and Lebanon will open embassies in each other's countries for the first time. But Syria's leader cautioned there was still work to be done before that could happen.

Syria and Lebanon have not had full-fledged embassies in each other's countries since Lebanon became independent in 1943 and Syria in 1945. Syria dominated Lebanon for almost three decades until 2005, keeping tens of thousands of troops stationed in its smaller neighbor.

Ireland: Guards storm prison

DUBLIN — Ireland's prison service says guards armed with clubs and riot shields stormed a recreation area at Dublin's main prison where 50 inmates had barricaded themselves for two hours.

The Irish Prison Service says two prisoners and five guards were wounded but none critically. One guard was hospitalized with serious injuries to the face and teeth. Inmates at the overcrowded Mountjoy Prison had been protesting Saturday against new measures meant to deter drug trafficking in the complex.

Italy: Pope's climate focus

VATICAN — Pope Benedict XVI says he wants to wake up consciences on climate change.

The pope told reporters while flying to Australia aboard the Papal Plane Saturday on a 10-day pilgrimage that people need to be spurred into finding a way to change lifestyles in the face of climate change. Benedict also said he would use his trip to Australia to work for "healing" with victims of sexual abuse by clergy, just as he did during a trip to the United States this year.