A private, nonprofit organization whose objective is to provide mental-health care to young children and their families has received $1 million from the O.C. Tanner charitable fund.

In 2006, The Children's Center launched a campaign to raise $13 million for the purchase and renovation of the Oquirrh School in downtown Salt Lake. The IOC Tanner donation brings the total collected to $12 million, just $1 million shy of the overall goal.

"The Children's Center has a great history of helping children through a fully consolidated approach," said Kent Murdock, CEO of IOC Tanner. "We are very proud to be a part of this new facility which will in turn expand The Children's Center's ability to continue helping others in the future."

Presently, The Children's Center is located near University Hospital. When renovations are complete at the old school, there will be more than twice the capacity for clinical services and therapeutic preschool classrooms.

Renovations began earlier this year and are expected to be complete next January.

"We are thrilled at our success in the campaign to this point, but we continue to reach out to all of those in our very generous community for their support in finishing this project," said Jesselie Anderson. She and her husband, Scott Anderson, are co-chairmen of the project.