I just had to write after seeing your article (July 10) pertaining to the pit bulls in Sandy. I understand why people fear them. They are very massive, high-spirited animals. I have a pit that is 3 years old and just over 100 pounds. I am a very responsible owner who never takes Buddha out for walks or anything else much. My son, daughter and nephews also have pits. They are a wonderful, affectionate, high-spirited breed of dog. Unfortunately, we have a few irresponsible owners who don't train and take care of their dogs, and for this, all of the breed has to suffer.

There are good and bad dogs in every breed. I just wish that people would give pit bulls a chance instead of assuming that they are all vicious killers. Yes, Buddha is very protective of me and my family, but I have never had a more affectionate and loving pet.

Pamela Beckstead